Delta Board Meeting 2015

The first annual Delta Board Meeting in Pittsburg, CA brought together some of the best kiters from Northern California and the Pacific Northwest for a jam-packed day on the Delta. The venue, a brand new park adjacent to the Pittsburg Marina designed specifically for kiteboarding, created an action-packed arena for staging kites, launching, and spectating.

457A8316457A9099The event was broken into four disciplines: Big Air, Race, Strapless Freestyle, and Freestyle. We kicked things off with the Big Air, riders grouping into heats of 5 with the top 2 from each heat moving on. Scoring for Big Air was calculated using WOO’s, with a rider’s score for the heat being equal to their best jump height in meters x that jump’s airtime in seconds. This way, the biggest boosts needed to be followed up with some solid airtime to max out their result.

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In the preliminary round for the men, it became immediately clear that the competition was going to be a toss up between riders on traditional twin-tips and riders on more advanced foil boards. While the foil boards provided increased speed and tacking ability, the weight of the board and technicalities of popping leveled the playing field. After the first rounds, the top jump recorded was by foiler Adam Withington at 12.7m, 5.4s, for a score of 68.

457A8920The women’s super-final followed the men’s prelims, with Rita Kneib and Michelle Gabriel separating themselves from the pack with jumps over 7m. Kneib took 1st with 7.6m, 4.1s for 30.9 pts, Gabriel in 2nd with a 7.3m, 3.9s for 28.7 pts, and young-gun Ella Johnson took 3rd with 4.3m, 3.2s for 13.5 pts.


In the men’s final, two heats split up the remaining riders, with their best jump in the final round deciding the podium. With most of the attention going to the foilers Adam Withington and Nicolai Sponholtz, two strong twin-tippers DJ Guacamole and Nemo Taylor stepped it up to tighten the final results. The top 4 ended with Nemo taking the win (11.8m, 6s, 70.7pts), followed by Nicolai (9.6m, 6.8s, 64.8pts), Adam (12.9m, 4.9s, 63.5pts) and Guacomole (8.8m, 6.9s, 60.4 pts).


WOO_Delta Big Air_Brackets-2
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457A0369Full Event Results via The Kite Bar

Congrats to event host Eugenia Gurorguieva and The Kite Bar for a great first event at their new spot, it was a huge win for the local community and hopefully the sign of more things to come for kiters on the Delta. If you find yourself in the area, swing by The Kite Bar, grab a cappuccino, and try a downwinder from Riverside to Sherman Island. Eugenia and her team at The Kite Bar also offer lessons for riders looking to get on the water for the first time or those ready to take out a WOO and boost!