Easter Weekend Challenge: Germany vs. Britain, Netherlands vs. France

Wind’s up this weekend in Europe, who’s up for a WOO International Friendly? Germany vs Britain, Netherlands vs France – let’s do it!

WOO H.Q. will be scoring the Top 5 riders from Team Germany, Team Britain, Team Netherlands, and Team France this weekend in Highest Jump and Total Height to see which countries can hold down bragging rights over the long weekend.

Here’s how it works:
– WOO Riders from Germany, Britain, Netherlands and France are eligible for this weekend’s matches.
– Each country’s Top 5 riders take their biggest boosts from the weekend for the HIGHEST JUMP score.
– Each country’s most active 5 riders take their total height from the weekend to set the TOTAL HEIGHT score for their country.
– Sessions from Friday (3/25), Saturday (3/26), Sunday (3/27) and Monday (3/28) are eligible.
– To have your session count, add your country’s team hashtag to the session description – #teamgermany #teambritain #teamnetherlands #teamfrance

Wind is looking strong, so grab your kite gear, hit the beach this weekend, and post a score for your country!