Jerry’s Big Air – Cape Town 2016

Saturday the 9th of January 2016, marked a fun day, loads of spectators, a great spirit of sportsmanship and a fantastic event at the first Jerry’s Big Air event in Cape Town, proudly sponsored by Jerry’s, WOO sports and Red Bull.

“The day started off moderate and gradually built up to offer an incredible display for the finals with huge jumps an personal bests being set by many of the riders. The wind although reaching around roughly 35knots it was very steady. Kite sizes started at 9 and 10m but by the finals riders were hanging onto 8m and even right down to 5m kites for some of the smaller contenders.” Tyrone Rawlins, One Movement Events.

In total, we had 81 entrants for the event, with four categories; Junior Division, Females, Men’s Open and Men’s Master. The bulk of the entrants were amateur unsponsored riders and it was a fantastic show to see at Kitebeach Cape Town and great build up to the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada.

“For most of the riders, this was their first use of the WOO devise and it really created a lot of excitement.  Riders disputed heights in disbelieve, this we resolved quickly by putting two devises on boards and getting back exactly the same readings or a 0.1 difference, which was a great way put riders at ease.  Once guys realized the power of the devise and the amount of data that is collected during a session, it was game on. The devise will be a great asset in future events and create that additional excitement.” Cobus Van Zyl, Vanhunks

The Ladies Division showed tremendous determination and focus with gusts of up to 45 knots. Lisa Videira took first place with 8,4 metres and 5,6 seconds airtime. The second position went to Emmie Ruddock with 7,2 metres and 5,1 seconds airtime and third place went to Michelle Hayward with 7,2 metres and 4,1 seconds airtime. Big up to the girls who really went all out in extreme conditions. A special token of respect to the youngest ladies rider Rut Gouws who at the age of 12 years old showed no fear towards the black South-Easter during the Ladies final.

The Junior Boys showed us what South Africa can expect in the years to follow from our young talent. The level of competition and style showed by these young riders was world class. Our youngest entrant was Jacobus Botha at the age of 11 entering big air events. Our winners in this division showed us that they are not scared of big winds in the finals. Congratulations to Ross Dillon Player, beating his own personal record and winning the Junior Division with a Jump of 17,1 metres and 7,0 seconds airtime. In the second place, we had Djebbe Hiscock with a 14,2 metre jump and 6,3 seconds airtime. Third place went to Aron Rossiee with a 13,7 metre jump and 5,4 seconds airtime. Congratulations to all the juniors and looking forward to seeing you all in your future career paths of kiteboarding.

Lastly, we had the Masters Division and it was great to see some of the pioneers of Cape Town kiteboarding in action. The camaraderie and the respect for each other were felt on the beach during heats and it was fantastic to see guys that have been in this sport for 10 years and more in action. Lanral Ruddock, the style master took first place with an 18.8 metre jump and 6,9 seconds airtime. Second place went to Sebastian Callelan with 16,7 metres and 8,8 seconds hangtime. Third place went to Martin Bjornsson with 16,6 metres and 6,7 seconds hang-time. It was interesting to see that in the Masters final the guys were consistent and all the guys in the final cleared 13,5 metres in height, showing their skills.



Congratulations to the official winners of the events, Oswald Smith winning the Open Division with a spectacular jump of 20,7 metres and 9,3 seconds hang-time. Second place went to Erik Volpe with a 20,1-metre jump and 8,3 seconds hang-time. Third place went to Gustav Mostert at 19,0 metres and 7,3 seconds hang-time.

” The camaraderie during the day was absolutely fantastic. It was not a technical competition and anybody could enter as long as you can get some air.  We saw some of the legends of Cape Town kiteboarding in action, guys I still remember from when kiteboarding was first introduced in Cape Town.  Hats off to the youngsters and ladies going out in extreme conditions. Overall it was a fantastic show of sportsmanship, friendship and a common bond “wind and water”. Truly a day of fun on the beach.” Cobus.

“Personally, being involved in kiting for over 12 years it was awesome to see the community coming together, the camaraderie amongst the riders and the eruption from the crowd in appreciation of every massive boost!” Tyrone

Thank you so much to the following people that made this event such a success and captured the event for the world to see. The incredible sponsor SAKA, South African Kitesurfing Association and their awesome team of volunteers specifically Arthur Rosslee and Luke McGillewie, Organizers, Tyrone Rawlins and his crew for capturing data and setting up the event logistics, Cobus Van Zyl from Van Hunks Boarding who was a rockstar representing WOO SA assisting with event set up and running the contest so smoothly, the man Jim Gant and Chief Tester Chris Bull from KiteWorld Magazine who shared tons of posts online for kiteboarders around the world, Jerry’s Burger Bar for not only making delicious burgers and drinks for the kiters in Blouberg but being passionate players in the kiting community, Red Bull ZA for bull love, Jason Whitehouse for shooting the event and capturing the day so well, our WOO Riders representing Nick Jacobsen and Lewis Crathern and lastly everyone that attended the event showed their support for South African kiters!