The Medysky Logs #004: Let’s Get it On!

Everyone’s patiently waiting for wind to return to Cape Hatteras for the Triple-S 2015, but thus far, it’s been a quiet week. Tuesday gave us a couple hours on the Slick, winds shifting from SW to NW mid-session before ramping down. Rain quieted things on Wednesday, so now we’re down to the final two days with fingers crossed!

Featuring riding from Sam Medysky, Aaron Hadlow, and Brandon Scheid. Aerial Shots by ESBO.TV. Guest appearances by Sensi Graves Bikinis, Noè Font, Sam Light, Ewan Jaspan, Craig Cunningham, and co. Shout out to Jason Slezak and the whole team at REAL Watersports for their countless hours on the water getting the course in place this week!