WOO at Best Fest 2015

Every spring Best Kiteboarding has an annual demo at the Outer Banks of Cape Hatteras North Carolina. The spring season is a great time for wind on the OBX, with SW and NE being the dominant directions. Also, in early June REAL Watersports has it’s annual Triple S competition, which brings the world’s top Kiteboarding Pros to town for training. WOO Team rider Sam Medysky and his partner in crime Noe Font had swooped through Boston on their way down to Hatteras earlier in the spring, and were both getting amped for the upcoming Best Fest.  Along with Chris Bobryk (Triple S Open Champ 2014) and Paula Rosales, the boys were just waiting for the wind to pump.

With a batch of WOO’s fresh out of the Boston factory and ready for demo, it was a great chance to let customers demo some WOO’s alongside Best kites and boards. With that in mind, I made the journey down to Hatteras.

REAL Watersports

Tuesday, the first day of Best Fest, did not have the greatest forecast. Because of that we started out on the back lawn at REAL with “Tech Talks,” donuts and orange juice. Many of the coaches, including head coach were interested in WOO – first to prove to each other who can go the biggest, but also to use with lessons learning to boost. My friend and head coach at REAL, Chis L, mentioned using the WOO earlier this year on a lesson with a student working on their jumps. For him he said it was great to finally have stats that prove he is a “great coach”. I got a great laugh at that line!

Getting set

As the morning rolled on, several Canadian Kiteboarders came through to meet Sam, who seems to know every single one of them by first name! Many of them had heard about WOO, but were yet to see one in person. Sam and I pulled out our iPhones and started showing them some of our sessions and how it works. “I wish there was wind right now,” one of the guys mentions. Luckily the forecast was good for Wednesday and everyone was stoked for a chance to finally prove to their buds who goes the biggest!

That night, Sam, Noe and I drove South to Avon to meet up with the Mass Kiting crew. They were having a huge pig roast for the crew that was down there and were kind enough to invite us along. It was great to catch up with some of the P-Bay crowd, drink some brews and talk about the forecast the next day.

WOO Demo

Wednesday morning came quick, with a forecast for conditions to build throughout the day. With a quick stop for a breakfast burrito, Sam, Noe and I drove down to Kite Point to begin setting up for the Demo.

With the wind gusting up and down, most people were on 10 meter kites at first. Eric and Rodrigo from Mass Kiting were both out sessioning with their WOOs right as we rolled up. Within 5 minutes of getting the flag set up, we had our first group of kiters come for demo. Paul, Chris, and Nick all from Canada were eager to get out on the WOO. Paul actually came in, asked if he could demo one, and before I could say “yes”, he was running over to get his friend off the water. “It is on! They have WOO’s! Come in and get one!”

Within minutes, Sam and Kevin had people setup demoing WOO’s on their boards, and on some boards from Best’s new lineup: The Admiral being one of the crowds personal favorites! “Yeah bud, it’s easier than pumping kites!” said Sam afterwards.

Thursday, the final day of Best Fest, saw another down day for wind, but we still had several people swing through to pick the brains of the pro’s. Steve, a wakestyle kiter from Florida was interested in how/if the pros used their WOO’s to train currently (a question I have as well). It was great to hear Sam talk about the sessions in Cape Town this past winter leading up to RedBull King of the Air.

According to Sam, pros were really concerned about what gear was going to jump the highest. You always have an idea of which kite feels like it is jumping the highest out of your quiver, but you never REALLY knew for sure. With a WOO you can log your jumps on multiple setups, in multiple wind speeds to bring some science to the “What size are you pumping?” question. The other interesting thing they were trying was different line lengths. Pro’s would go out and jump on an 8 meter kite with 20 meter lines, then come back in and swap for 22 meter lines. Using the WOO Kite App they are able to see which setup jumps the best. “So what is the best setup for jumping?” Kevin asked Sam. “Well you gotta get a WOO so you can figure that out,” Sam said with a smile, “but I can tell you the biggest jump was on a 7m Best TS!”

With the Triple S coming up, and hundreds of kiters coming onto the island, I am really excited to see how Sam and rest of our friends do in the contest. But I am even more excited to get WOO’s onto kiters’ boards here in the OBX and start posting sessions! – Darren.