XR5 Challenge October Recap

Three months in the books, one to go! Here’s how things are shaping up for the four tickets to Cape Town via the XR5 Challenge:

Male Biggest Boost
October kicked up prime conditions for much of western Europe, with multiple storms tracking across the Atlantic and into Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands. Erik Blokker’s record 23.9m jump from August held up for another month, the closest call coming from Ben van der Berg at 23.6m.

Female Biggest Boost
19.2m!??!? Karen Hou set a new All-Time Female Record on WOO this month, hitting the record at her home spot in Penghu, Taiwan. Karen’s closest competition for a flight to Cape Town is Jessie Tucker of the UK, setting a PR this month at 17.0m.

Biggest Month of Boosting
October started as a three horse race between Cristian TeamCanary (Canary Islands), Tommy Huber (Florida, USA), and Peter Nieuwenhizen (Florida, USA). In the end it was Peter Nieuzenhuizen taking the win, finishing strong on October 31st with an epic 8.5 hour session to total 36.65km of total jump height for the month. Peter also averaged the highest jump height amongst the three finalists (James Friesen in August, Cristian TeamCanary in September, and Peter in October), putting him in line for the Cape Town trip this winter.

The 10 Wildcard finalists will be chosen at the end of November, so this spot’s still wide open! Simply share your WOO session to Facebook (publicly) or Instagram using the hashtag #xr5challenge and you’ll have a shot at Cape Town. The winner will be chosen by popular vote from the 10 finalists in December.

Learn more about the XR5 Challenge via CORE Kiteboarding