WOO is the simplest way to record your session and play while you kite!

The WOO captures your highest boost in Big Air mode or scores your best tricks in Freestyle mode. Progress your riding and Get in the Game!


Clip the WOO on your board and every jump from your session is captured & scored. Simply connect via Bluetooth to the WOO App and check your Jump Height, Best Trick Score, Session Score, and what Achievements you’ve completed!

The Game

Connecting riders around the world, WOO is a social game platform for all kiters. Open the App and you’ll see your sessions, achievements, and top scores, as well as leaderboards and activity feeds for different spots worldwide. Follow other riders and cheer them on after a big day of riding!

Explore the App

The WOO App unlocks the power of your WOO. Download sessions, follow friends, and learn more about the riders and spots around you!

Boosting for Everyone

No matter if you’re Megalooping, Boosting to the Moon, or charging for your first Air, every jump from your session will be recorded, including jump height, airtime, and landing g-force. Plus your time on water and total # of jumps! As you learn to ride with more power, you’ll see your stats improve and your position on the leaderboards rise!

Kiters around the world are using WOO to stay in touch with their kiting friends and keep the competitive vibes flowing every day of the week. Follow friends and check out all their session to see how they’re keeping up!

WOO isn’t just about seeing your jump height, WOO is about having more fun on the water every time you ride. Challenge your mates or push your own progression it’s up to you. What if the wind isn’t nuking? See how many 5m jumps you can do in a row and you might just unlock a new Badge. Or switch over to Freestyle mode and see if you can finally nail that Front Roll to Toeside! No matter the conditions there is always something to do on WOO! #Playmore

Back Rolls to Back Mobes


The WOO utilizes artificial intelligence to detect your tricks. It’s the same technology Tesla uses to teach their cars to drive autonomously. This also means that as you ride, the WOO is always learning and getting smarter.

New for WOO 3.0, you can see your personal Tricktionary in your profile. Land new tricks and see how many you can check off the list! You’ll find yourself trying new variations and new tricks every time you ride. Pop harder, stomp your landings and learn new tricks to up your score! Trust us, it’s addicting!


Spin any direction and you'll get rewarded. Stomp a trick in the WOO Tricktionary and claim it!
0 - +350 pts

Pop Score

It's all about keeping the kite low while getting high. Pop hard, catch some air and stop it. Dangling will take away points.
0 - +300 pts


Land well and get a little bonus score! Crash and the WOO'll know too.
0 - +50 pts

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See how your riding stacks up with customizable WOO Leaderboards!
Create your own using #Hashtags!


Explore is a fun way to discover new kite spots all over the world,
and perhaps even spots nearby you never heard about.


The WOO is able to detect and score well-performed tricks!
Check the WOO Tricktionary to see which tricks the WOO can already recognize.

WOOvie Editor

WOOvie for Mac cuts the crap: hours of editing to just minutes.
Action cam, DSLR, drone? WOOvie works with any camera!