See how your riding stacks up with customizable WOO Leaderboards! Create your own leaderboard variation and track your progress in real time. Add #hashtags to your session descriptions to run your own challenges.


Height, Score, Airtime, G-force, No. of Jumps, Total Airtime, or Total Height. Score, or Session Score in Freestyle Mode.

Date Range

Today, Yesterday, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year, All-Time, or Custom.


Continent, Country, Spot, or Worldwide.


Use your own #hashtag in your Session Description for further customization!

For Example:

Top Dog

Height + This Year + Global = The top booster from the this year's kite season!

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Monthly Warriors

Global + This Month + Total Height = Most active kiters in the world this month!

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King of the Spot

Height + Spot + All-Time = The top jump all-time at your local spot!

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#LocalShop Warrior

Total Airtime + Custom Date Range + Shop Hashtag = A boosting contest at your local shop!

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WOO Kite

more ways than ever to play!


Explore is a fun way to discover new kite spots all over the world,
and perhaps even spots nearby you never heard about.


The WOO is able to detect and score well-performed tricks!
Check the WOO Tricktionary to see which tricks the WOO can recognize.

WOOvie Editor

WOOvie for Mac cuts the crap: hours of editing to just minutes.
Action cam, DSLR, drone? WOOvie works with any camera!