Revolutionary Trick Detection

The WOO is able to detect and score well-performed tricks! Trick score is dependent on the trick variation, airtime, and landing quality (not landing G-force). Check below to see which tricks the WOO can already recognize.

Help WOO Improve!

You can label the jump to confirm / deny the Trick Detection in the WOO Sports App for iOS, doing so will let the Trick Detection learn new tricks and get even better at detecting known tricks.

Included Tricks

The WOO can detect & score the following tricks. If your trick is not detected by the WOO, it will show as 'Air' and you'll still get a score based on your rotation data.

Left vs. Right Foot

WOO knows if you did a trick with your Left (L.) or Right (R.) foot forward. Tricks have the same score for left or right performed tricks, so you can pick your favorite riding direction. Can you do all tricks both ways though?!

Pop Score

In Freestyle you should try not to dangle underneath your kite, nor should you boost to the moon. Dangling jumps and jumps with an airtime of over 3 seconds will be labeled as 'Floaty' and assigned 0 points.


Your landing quality will also give you a bonus score, ranging from max. +50pts for a Stomped landing to a max. -20pts for a Sketchy landing.


Straight Air
FS 313
BS 313
Double S-Bend
Blind Judge
Back roll
Back roll to Toeside
Back to Blind
Front roll
Front to Blind
Slim 5
Back Mobe

50 points
160 points
189 points
234 points
260 points
234 points
256 points
324 points
260 points
200 points
225 points
250 points
200 points
250 points
315 points
300 points
330 points



no score
max. +10 points
max. +30 points
max. +50 points

*Note: Scores are subject to change. WOO will contineously improve the scoring system in order to balance trick difficulty vs jump size.