BKSA Club Prize – Kiteworldwide stay in Capetown!

Its on! Time to grab a WOO, call your kite buddies and head to the beach. Go for glory, go big and take home The 2016 BKSA Highest Boost Award. Contribute to your local kite community by helping your club become The 2016 BKSA Club Height Champion or The 2016 BKSA Club Mileage Champion.

The BKSA (British Kitesports Association) challenge has been ramping up since Jan 1st 2016. The competition showcases everyone who is a part of the association within their respective clubs. No need to be the highest boosting rider in your community (although it helps); anyone can get out there and charge for the win by accumulating the most height! Whatever a rider scores, their numbers attribute to their club and its overall ranking.

Below are the current top 10 standings for the clubs as of June 1st 2016.

BKSA Template-4         //        BKSA Template-2

Looking to be The 2016 BKSA Club Height Champion ? Get out there on those 30+ knot days and boost to the moon! Highest boost takes home the gold and a trip to one of the most epic boosting locations in the world, Cape Town – home to the current WOO record ( Aaron Hadlow // 24.8m).

More of an endurance rider? Shoot for The 2016 BKSA Club Mileage Champion and make your way to the ISS and beyond! The more you get out there, the sweeter the reward.



  • All participants must be active BKSA members
  • Challenge runs from Jan 1st 2016 to December 31st 2016
  • Sessions must be recorded within Great Britain using a WOO sensor.
  • Contribute to your Club by including your club’s abbreviation in the WOO session name e.g. Big boost 7 Vegas EKC will contribute towards Essex Kitesurf Club. (See leaderboards for a list of clubs and abbreviations)


The overall Club Height Champion and overall Club Mileage Champion will each win a one week stay in the KiteWorldWide Cape Town Mansion, located near some of the best boosting spots in the world. (Airfare not included)

What a killer spot!


Full list of participating clubs:

CBK: CBK Kitesurfing
KKC: Kernow Kitesurf Club
CBKH: CBK Hunstanton
EKC: Essex Kitesurf Club
CKC: Camber Kite Club
NEKC: North East Kitesurfing Club
LKC: Lancing Kitesurfing Club
MBC: Morecambe Bay Club
RAF: Royal Air Force Powerkiting Club
NS: North Somerset
EXE: Exe Kiteboarding Club
SKF: Sheffield Kite Fliers
SKA: Student Kitesurfing Association
SKC: Shoreham Kitesurfing Club
AKC: Army Kitesurf Club
KEMP: Kempsey Kite Club
BPKC: Bournemouth&Poole Kitesurfing Club
HSC: Hunstanton SC
KWC: Kite Club Wales
SDKC: South Devon Kitesurf Club
RKC: Raw Kite Club
JKA: Jersey Kitesurfing Association
WPC: Weymouth & Portland Club
FKC: Fleetwood Kite Club
PKA: Parakart Association
WWW: Wind, Wheels & Waves
HKA: Hayling Kitesurfing Association
RNM: Royal Navy and Marines
KH: Keyhaven
KR: Kiteright

Now get out there and make it happen! Check out the Coach Crathern series if you need some tips on boosting!

See you on the BKSA Leaderboards!- WOO HQ