Spotlight: Kiter Mike

With WOO you can not only review your top jump height, airtime and gnarliest landing, but you can also log a history of your days out kiting. Face it, it’s quite the achievement in itself to get out there, travel to wherever the wind is, put your wetsuit on, pump your kite, run out your lines and strap on your harness. This blog post we wanted to acknowledge all the die hard kiters out there that not only bust out some solid boosts but also get out there whenever there’s wind and KITE!


We wanted to give a special props to one of the local kiters here in Massachusetts Michael Doucet aka Kiter Mike. Mike is a 58 year old die hard kiter. Whenever there’s wind, Mike is out. Currently living in the Boston area Mike sells seafood from all over the world to the US. His favorite fish is swordfish. He’s always been an adventurous spirit. Mikes hang-glided from a mountain in Chile with an altitude: 17.814 feet, swam with the seals in Galapagos and now he’s out kiting more than anyone in the USA!

Mike started windsurfing in the 80’s. “My buddy had the gear and asked if I wanted to try it out on the Charles River. I got pretty good fairly fast, but like all kitesurfers I experienced all the walk of shames aka Kitemares. Back in the 80’s windsurfing was an extreme sport. When there was a high wind advisory I was out searching for that wind.”  Since then Mike has been on the water. He moved over to kitesurfing 5 years ago when he went down to the beach and met a couple of guys that kited, helped them launch their kites. “When I started kiting I really enjoyed the camaraderie, the stoke and hanging out with the guys on the beach.” The rest is history!



In Winter Mike does ski patrol at Killington, Vermont & Wachusett Mountain, Mass. “I love bringing people down from any situation they are hurt with, watching the look on someones face when you relive the pain from their leg and bring em down safely.” 

Kiter Mike has kited a whopping 126 days this year. Now that’s impressive! His stats in the WOO Kite app currently standing at 7.1meter highest jump, 6.2 sec airtime and a gnarly 7.4G’s landing score. Since using WOO this year, Mike has spent 222 hours and 8 minutes on the water this year – that’s almost 10 full days.. and a recorded 4452 jumps, with 3 hours 41 minutes airtime accumulated!



Props to you Mike, thanks for using WOO and sharing the stoke –  see you on the water soon!