The Victory Shot

So you’ve all seen it, kiters all over the world getting their teeth out, and biting down on this little blue nugget of goodness… otherwise known as The WOO. Kickstarted by the introductions of the WOO team riders Nick Jacobsen, Lewis Crathern, Ruben Lenten and Sam Medysky, as well as some well known guys like Lasse Walker the Red Bull Megaloop 2015 champion, as well as Sir Richy Brandson!

Historically speaking, the practice of biting into metal has its roots in money counterfeiting. The homies counting money would bite down on coins to test their authenticity. With tooth enamel being harder than gold it was possible to leave marks on the coin with your teeth. Nom Nom.

We call this iconic shot biting down on the WOO… “The Victory Shot”. Its your moment to display your glory, your stoke after your session.


So give your WOO some tooth after your session and lets see those Victory Shots! 


bite 3 bite 1 bite 2 bite 4