Nothing like the feeling of packing up your kites, bunch of towels, fold out chairs, maybe your dog, arming yourself with a bunch of yummy snacks (and lots of beer), surfboard, portable speaker for some tunes and your WOO right?! That weekend escape is something that gets you through the week (well it does for me). We’ve started to see a bunch of epic vans some old school some new school pop up in the WOO Kite App feed. Check them out!!!

Timm Boettger – Fehmarn/Gold , Germany


Christian Droll – Bosttsand, Germany


Nicolas Vie – Les Coussoules, France.

Jeff Chazal 10m TS Best rocking itttt!!!!

Nick Jacobsen – Little Reef, Mauritius.

Nick taking a cool downwinder sesh.

Kristjan Kallu – Hiiumaa Island, Estonia.

Loving the bonfire! Kristjan having a great sunset session on his 7m Core GTS3 with a big 11.2m boost.

Alexander Peter Krueger – St. Peter-Boehl, Germany.

What a great shot. Nice early bird session for Alexander!

Mantas Girdzevicius – Dreverna, Lithuania.

Mantas boosting super big 9.6meters this day in a 3hour session!

Lubin Stephan – Lac de Monteynard-Avignonet, France.

Lubin holding the spot leaderboard number 1 position for 6.9meter jump!

Lewis Crathern – Lancing Beach, England.

Lewis hitting a sweet 14.7meter jump this day! Woohoo!

Alessio Alferon – Stagnone, Italy.

Alessio pimping out Best Kiteboarding in a big way! Had a great 10meter jump that day!

Megan Smith – Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town babes having fun in the sun up the West Coast.

Joris Heinrich – Tremt, Germany.

Taking a nice hour session with a max 3.9 seconds airtime in a big boost.

David Jurs – St. Peter-Ording, Germany

Great session out in St Peter-Ording with a nice 8.7meter jump!

Christoph De Vries – Ijsselmeer/ Workum, Netherlands.

Great picture of the van, the babe and the dog. #vanlife

Marco Büchler – Pelzerhaken, Germany.

Wingman session, Marco boosting a clean 6meters!

I cant help but reminisce about a hot blonde Dutchie I used to date a while back who owned a light blue 1975 Volkswagen Bus aka Kombi. That whip was sick! We used to pack up and hit the road when the surf was good. Ah the good ol’ days! However nowadays I no longer have the hot Dutchie boyfriend, and no longer access to that sweet van of his. Major bummer! Anyone single with a van that wants to date?

  • Written by Sally aka the token girl at WOO HQ