How has WOO changed your kiting experience?

We received a letter from a WOO user not too long ago from the UK. This letter was quickly shared around the WOO office by our CEO. In his words…

“It is beyond amazing, and makes me so proud to be working for a business that truly changes people’s lives for the better.  This is a small glimpse of the impact that all of your’s work has on people day in and day out, and hint towards the potential we have in all those other markets.  Take a moment and enjoy.” 

It was such a huge moment for us at WOO. And we are all so grateful to Leigh taking the time to write us this letter, and to let us share it.

Check it out.

“Since some initial lessons I have been kiting now for just over 2 years, back in February this year I got one of the first WOO’s and everything changed.

Sure my first 6 months of kiting was all about learning the basics, how to handle a variety of conditions, master good turns and how to hold an edge. Then I started leaning to jump and try basic tricks. The month’s passed and progression was slow with no real focus aim or goal.

Then I here’d about a new devise called WOO, interested I put my order in and waited for public release following the 2015 Red Bull King of Air Event. I remember my first session with a WOO clearly, pulling over 50 jumps I was excited to see what my first stats would be, only to find just 3 jumps had recorded at just over 1m (as anything under does not register). And that was it, right then at that exact moment WOO had become my mentor, coach, personal trainer and above all else a life changer:

  • I started taking regular exercise to build the strength and stamina needed to improve technique, kiting weekly when possible substituted by trips to the gym to swim.
  • I looked at my weight for the first time and changed my diet completely, out was fast food, cake and biscuits and in was salad, fresh fruit and fish. My BMI went from 25.3 (overweight) to 20.3 (healthy weight).
  • I was no longer afraid of heights, pre-WOO I struggled with escalators at the shopping center or family trips to high buildings such as castles or land marks. But with the drive from WOO to jump higher provided gradual exposure to height, and that enabled me to become confident at heights for the first time in years.
  • I’m more mentally confident in every day life knowing for the first time I’m competing in a global competition (like the Olympics!) with results, sure I’ve not won gold, but just to be ranked off the bottom gives a real sense of achievement. At School I was not into traditional team sports such as rugby or cricket etc and was always the last one to be picked. What WOO has done is to fix all that.
  • I’ve made new friends through WOO too and feel a common ground with the WOO community. The encouragement that comes from comments and likes to sessions makes the world of difference and brings a smile most days.
  • At work too I’m more focused and organised, clearing time to kite more often has enabled me to be more productive in the time I am working and overall workflow has increased.
  • I get up early now even on the weekends, feel more awake and generally more happy and alive.As I write this I continue to be focused on maintaining my improved lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise kiting at least one a week. Improving my height is my goal, no longer interested in tricks or freestyle my aim is to jump higher. With dedication and commitment and the data from WOO I know I will but it will happen, each session is one session closer to improvement.Best of all the WOO has recorded my journey so far, with every session uploaded it’s logged nearly 70 hours and over 2000 jumps. Just think how high I will be after another 2000!”Leigh Titman/ 16/11/15

Thank you Leigh, we are all so stoked and you inspire us.