Ocean Freaks Curacao Team Challenge

Ocean Freaks Curacao Team Challenge13568768_1713646282217318_7749430629518624140_o

Sat. June 18th

Curacao | St Joris Bay

With a solid wind forecast ahead Ryan Lee of Ocean Freaks Curacao quickly organized the first WOO contest on the island.  With 4 days and 7 volunteer firefighters they made quick work pulling together 7 teams, each with 2 kiters.  The game was simple, each team had all day to jump as high and as long as they could.  At the end of the day each team was scored based on each team member’s highest jump and the single longest airtime the team logged.Unknown-2

Participantunspecified-4s registered by 10am and with steady winds of 19 – 22 Knots they had all day to push their limits.  The organizers/volunteers put on a BBQ for participants and spectators raising funds for a local Beach Clean Up.  The teams were made up of seasoned WOOsters and kiters who had never logged a WOO session.  Everyone had a blast seeing how high they could go, checking their friends score, and heading back out for more.

The contest wrapped up at 4pm and the final results were calculated.

First Place: Ryan Lee / Ruben Horsford with jumps of 9.5m / 6.2m respectively and a max hangtime of 6.7s logged by Ryan for a total team score of 22.4

Second Place:  Diego Mel / Phill Brown with jumps of 8.3m / 7.2m respectively and a max hangtime of 6.2s logged by Diego for a total team score of 21.7

Third Place:  Samuel Sisselaar / Derek Durgaram with jumps of  9.8m / 6.3m respectively and a max hangtime of 4.8s logged by Samuel for a total team score of 20.9


Prizes  and Medals were awarded to the top 3 teams, followed by plenty of bragging, banter, and post contest discussion of the next big WOO Challenge.  Word is these guys are looking to challenge the locals over on Aruba and Bon Aire next!


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