Create your own Leaderboard

Leaderboards in the WOO Kite App are a great way to track your progress boosting higher, but ranking yourself against the top pros at the windiest spots in the world isn’t always super motivating. What if you could see your rank for just your country? Or just in the past two weeks? Well now you can with a new tool:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.52.44 PM

Using the new site, you can create custom leaderboards that get you motivated to ride this summer. Leaderboards can be customized with the following parameters:

Metric: Max Height, Airtime, G-force, # of Jumps, Total Airtime, or Total Height

Date Range: Today, Yesterday, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year, All-Time, or Custom

Location: Continent, Country, or Spot

#hashtags: Add custom #hashtags to your Session Description on WOO and filter your results by searching that hashtag

What’s awesome about the new leaderboards tool is that you get to create a leaderboard that pushes you. Here are a couple of our favorite custom leaderboards:

2016 Top Dog. Max Height + This Year + Global = The top booster from the 2016 kite season!]

King of the Spot. Max Height + Spot + All-Time = The top jump all-time at your local spot!

2016 Spot Warrior. Total Height + Spot + This Year = The guy who’s crushing it this year at your local spot!

King of the Country. Height + Country + All-time = The current champ of a Country (try your own country!)

This Month’s Warriors. Global + This Month + Total Height = Most active kiters in the world this month!

#LocalShop Warrior. Total Height + Custom Date Range + Shop Hashtag = The boosting contest at your local shop!

Here are a couple pro tips for getting the most out of the new leaderboards:

1. Hunt around and find a leaderboard you care about!
Instead of taking on the world, try moving up on your country or local spot leaderboard. And maybe instead of competing in Max Height, try a new metric like Airtime or Total Height.

2. Keep your Leaderboards Bookmarked
When you create a leaderboard, the URL is customized so you can save it easily. Bookmark it using your browser, or better yet, save it to the Home Screen of your phone!

3. Check Daily Leaderboards in Real Time
It’s always fun to be surprised when a Daily Leaderboard hits your inbox, but now you can sneak a peak at the current standings before the final results get published.

4. Put something on the line!
Going out for a session or kite vacation with some buddies? Use custom leaderboards or hashtags to create your own challenge for the group. Make sure it motivates everyone to ride hard, whether it’s a prize for the winner or a dare for the loser!