The New Mount is launched

Today we are happy to announce a redesigned WOO Mount that alleviates many of the warranty symptoms some of you have experienced. This new black mount uses two bands to secure the sensor onto a base plate, adding an extra level of protection and reducing the chance the WOO will release while riding. All new WOO orders starting today will include the new mount.

Important Facts about the New Mount:

  1. The new black mount replaces the original blue mount. We want everyone using only the new black mount with their WOO!
  2. The best way to remove an old mount is by heating it with a hair dryer/heat gun for ~60 sec and peeling the mount off using a butter knife. Alternatively, you can use a serrated knife to cut through the adhesive on the bottom of the mount (blade parallel with the board).



To receive your New WOO Mount, you have two options:

  1. Visit a Local Shop that carries WOO ( Shop Locator ) and swap out your old Blue Mount(s) for the new Black Mount (call ahead for availability just in case!). Please present your old mounts for credit toward new ones!
  2. If you’d prefer to receive a new mount directly through WOO and live in a supported country, you can request a New Mount from WOO directly:  Request a New Mount


Thanks so much for your support and for riding with WOO. Hopefully this New Mount change is not an inconvenience, we’ve tried really hard to make sure this process is as seamless and no nuisance for you as possible. Thank you for your understanding and high fives from crew at WOO HQ.