Coach Crathern Ep. 4 – Body Position Approaching Take Off

Body position approaching take off is extremely essential and a common mistake. Join Lew as he walks you through some problem areas and how to get your body positioned properly.

Without the right body position you will go no where. All the tension you build in the kite will be lost if your body position is incorrect. Good timing and a good center of gravity is key before going airborne.

Try exaggerating your squatting just before takeoff to start to understand the ideal timing and positioning for your personal physique. Staying too tall with our body, and not squatting will forfeit the energy built up in the kite.

Here is a great example of good body position just before take-off. Shoulders back behind the hips to keep from falling forward and losing the edge, butt low to the water, and a solid edge.

The timing is extremely quick. Just as you have sent the kite up to 12, make sure you are squatting and edging upwind fast to hold and release that energy you built up. The extra split-second edging upwind as you take off will build a surprising amount of energy to get your boosts even higher. When you get better at it, you will be surprised at how much pull you can generate by getting that timing and body position down!

Now get out there and practice! See you on the leaderboards!

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