Coach Crathern Ep. 10 – Landing


Join Lew in the final aspect of jumping and get that finesse down.

So we’ve come all this way – 9 Episodes focusing on Boosting but now the essential part – LANDING.

Directing the board downwind is key, but in the first example too much weight is put on the back foot which results in a crash.

Another common problem is to try and land still on an edge. Whilst you might get away with it on the odd occasion, it’s simply not the correct technique. Landing this way nearly always results in sliding out as we are square on to our direction of travel.

Embrase the power from redirecting the kite so that your weight become further forward on the board on landing. Direct the board downwind. Now that we have a bigger surface to land on, we can build up our planing speed before building the rail up again.

With enough practice you should be able to record some landings below 2G.

Most noticeable with a world-class redirection, your G-force statistic will improve.

So that wraps up this jumping series. We hope you can see, through your WOO stats, some progression in your riding. Don’t forget to log all your sessions, so you can see your overall progress.

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