Coach Crathern Ep. 5 – Take Off

Now we’re at the exciting part, takeoff! All that energy you have built up through learning proper edging, body & bar position, and the timing for sending the kite leads up to the ever important pop off the water. This is the moment that you know whether you did everything right and the jump should be successful or you’ve missed a few things and you’re destined to bomb.

– Remember to distribute your body weight mainly over your back foot on takeoff.

– A common mistake is the Raley Wobble: popping the board too far behind you on takeoff. This throws off your balance and pendulums the board back underneath you.

– A proper takeoff leaves the bottom of the board facing behind you rather than up in the air. This will help maintain proper balance as you ascend into the clouds.

– We are aiming to get out weight backwards and the board in front as soon as possible. Small controlled jumps will really help this technique.

– Remember to lower your bum down to the water just before takeoff is essential.

– The ultimate tip for takeoff – sheet the bar in fully just AFTER takeoff and you should start seeing your WOO height and airtime stats increase. A jump of 4M should be more than achievable.

Takeoff is often the most difficult part of jumping to get right as every part of the jump revolves around this moment. Hold your edge well , stay committed, and you should be nailing perfect jumps again and again. Focus on control first and then add more speed, power, and aggression incrementally.

Good luck and we’ll see you on the leaderboards!

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