Coach Crathern Ep. 6 – Kite Position While Airborne

We must become one with the kite while we are airborne and avoid any unnecessary movements. If you move the kite too severely you will sacrifice the nice floaty hang time and reduce the chance of a smooth landing.

If you move the kite forward while you are in the middle of your jump, your downwind speed will pick up and you will take a hard landing. Remember to keep the kite above you in order to maintain as much hang time as you can. Patience is everything.

A common mistake can be to continue pulling on the back hand. This is known as a bomb or a bomb out, due to the sudden drop out of the sky. This is happening because the kite offers less hang time when it’s not above us.

With good technique and practice, your airtime should increase and you should see lower g-forces on landing in your WOO stats.

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