Coach Crathern Ep. 8 – Body Position While Airborne

A stable body while in the air is key. Follow along with Coach Crathern as he walks through proper body position while in the air!

Coach Crathern firmly believes that by bringing your knees up after takeoff you will find a better center of gravity which helps with your balance while airborne. You’ll be more one with the kite, and it encourages you to use your core more to correct any unwanted movements.

If you find you’re slowly rotating into a front roll, try looking in the direction of travel rather than redirecting through the bar.

Another commong problem is staying straight. It can bring on a wobble, and in stronger winds you act much more like a sail.

Remember, bring those knees up nice and early for a consistant and controlled boost.

The earlier you can adopt a good aerial position, the more efficient you will become through the air. You should see you hangtime and overall height stats improve.

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