Coach Crathern Ep. 9 – Redirecting the Kite

This step is all about timing. Too soon and you land hard and fast, too late and you do the same. Coach Crathern walks you through some essentials to keep in mind when redirecting the kite for a soft, floaty landing. With the proper technique you will see your landing force get softer – keeping you out of the water longer!

To land smoothy we must redirect our kite in the direction of travel at the right time. When we boost we accelerate upwards quickly, but we can also come down with some speed. By redirecting the kite, we receive that horizontal float required for a smooth landing.

Redirecting the kite too soon gives us that float a little too early, accelerating us downwind with a heavy landing. Redirecting the kite too late will never give us a soft landing. It will either be a big bomb, or we will receive that float just as the board slams down with the best scenario being some sort of slide or skit landing.

My biggest tip with redirection is to try not to sheet out the bar. Engage the steering lines, which give you hangtime as well. Show some commitment: steer it quickly.

Most noticeable with a world-class redirection, your G-force statistic will improve.

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