Included Tricks

The WOO can detect & score the following tricks. If your trick is not detected by the WOO, it will show as 'Air' and you'll still get a score based on your rotation data.

Left vs. Right Foot

WOO knows if you did a trick with your Left (L.) or Right (R.) foot forward. Tricks have the same score for left or right performed tricks, so you can pick your favorite riding direction. Can you do all tricks both ways though?!

Pop Score

In Freestyle you should try not to dangle underneath your kite, nor should you boost to the moon. Dangling jumps and jumps with an airtime of over 3 seconds will be labeled as 'Floaty' and assigned 0 points.


Your landing quality will also give you a bonus score, ranging from max. +50pts for a Stomped landing to a max. -20pts for a Sketchy landing.


Straight Air
FS 313
BS 313
Double S-Bend
Blind Judge
Back roll
Back roll to Toeside
Back to Blind
Front roll
Front to Blind
Slim 5
Back Mobe

50 points
160 points
189 points
234 points
260 points
234 points
256 points
324 points
260 points
200 points
225 points
250 points
200 points
250 points
315 points
300 points
330 points



no score
max. +10 points
max. +30 points
max. +50 points

*Note: Scores are subject to change. WOO will contineously improve the scoring system in order to balance trick difficulty vs jump size.

Coach Crathern

Coach Crathern

Take you riding to the next level!

We’re here to help, we’ve written examples of copy for over 40 industries for you to use at concept phase of your projects to bring a little life and realism to your designs and help you think about who and what you are designing for. We want clients and creatives to think about their graphic design.

About Lewis Crathern

We’re here to help, we’ve written examples of copy for over 40 industries for you to use at concept phase of your projects to bring a little life and realism to your designs and help you think about who and what you are designing for. We want clients and creatives to think about their graphic design.







See how your riding stacks up with customizable WOO Leaderboards! Create your own leaderboard variation and track your progress in real time. Add #hashtags to your session descriptions to run your own challenges.


Use Hashtags, Create your own leaderboards!


Today, Last Month, This Year, or customize


Continent, Country, Spot, or Worldwide


Male or Female. Set your Gender in your profile.


Dependent on Game.

Premium Filters

Only accessible with the WOO Sports App

For Example:

Top Dog

Height + This Year + Global = The top booster from the this year's kite season!

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Monthly Warriors

Global + This Month + Total Height = Most active kiters in the world this month!

Go to Leaderboard

King of the Spot

Height + Spot + All-Time = The top jump all-time at your local spot!

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Brand Contest

Total Airtime + Custom Date Range + Brand Hashtag = A boosting contest at your local shop!

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Girl Power!

Gender Filter = A list of girls that shred!

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#LocalShop Warrior

Total Airtime + Custom Date Range + Shop Hashtag = A boosting contest at your local shop!

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WOOvie Editor

WOOvie for Mac cuts the crap: hours of editing to just minutes. Every jump from your session is cut and organized so you can easily overlay height, airtime, and landing force.

*Note: WOOvie currently support sessions recorded in Kite – Big Air mode.

Any Video Camera

Shoot with your favorite camera: GoPros, iPhones and DSLRs all work!

Auto Edits

Sync up your WOO data to automatically clip out every jump.

Filter Jumps

Quickly filter and sort your session's best jumps to add to your WOOvie!

Overlay Stats

Easily overlay stats, including jump height, airtime and landing g-force for each jump in your session.


Film yourself starting the WOO session (WOO blinking RED) and you’re all set for a WOOvie! Start and stop your video as many times as you want throughout the session.

Open WOOvie on your Mac and login to your WOO account. Select the video clip(s) from your WOO session to import. Keep in mind, the files can still be on your memory card, as the WOOvie creates new files on export!

Select the WOO session your video is referencing. If your camera’s date is set accurately, the WOOvie Editor will choose the correct session by default.

Sync your footage by choosing the moment you start your WOO session (always film the button press!) Align two jumps to verify the accuracy; use the cursor to select exactly when your board left the water.

Boom: this is the exciting part!  Here you have an overview of all your jumps with an accompanying video clip.  Check out your biggest boosts, hardest crashes, and steeziest tricks. You can filter your jumps down by selecting a range of heights, airtimes, or G-Forces, or by deselecting them manually. Drag clips into whatever order you like, rotating clips that were filmed upside down.

Export your WOOvie to your liking! You can export each jump as it’s own video clip or one combined WOOvie edit. Choose which overlay you prefer, set your export location, and hit the export button to finish! Share your WOOvie to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more! Add #woovie for a chance to be featured by WOO!

Jump Higher with WOO - Big Air Kiteboarding Tips

Board Control

  • Aim your board upwind, push hard off the back foot and try to make a small pop!
  • If you start sliding… Put your pressure on the back foot. Losing your edge… Try placing less pressure on your heels.
  • Nail the pop and you’ll already see jumps of >1m on your WOO! 👍

  • To maintain board control when overpowered, build your board angle, keep your weight back, and depower the kite to allow your body to stay back. Keep that harness tight so it’s not pulling you over your edge!
  • Smaller boards can help build speed in flat water, but can be unstable in chop. Big fins can help you hold your edge in big wind.
  • Larger kites will help create more power, just be sure you’re not getting ripped off your edge too early as you pop. The highest jumps have a big pop UP vs. a pop downwind.
  • Build speed and line tension until you catch a gust, and then edge upwind to generate a big POP!
  • Use swell and waves for the perfect ramp, edging to the top of the wave as you start sending the kite.

Sending the Kite

  • Steer the kite just past 12. Once airborne, level off the bar and remain calm
  • Finally redirect the kite smoothly to gain a soft floating landing 👌
  • Common mistakes 🙅 Failing to send the kite with commitment, sending the kite too far (to 2) by continuing to pull on the back-hand
  • If you see a 3s hang-time or more, it’s a good sign that you are using the kite well! 🙌🏿

  • Expand your comfort sending the kite bit by bit. Practice generating power by signing the kite while resisting with your edge.
  • Want to generate more power? Send the kite faster!
  • C-Kites require a more dramatic send than Bow Kites
  • Finishing the send with the kite overhead will pull you UP, not forward, leading to higher jumps!

#3 #4 #5
Approaching Takeoff

  • Place your hands in the center of the bar
  • Sheet the bar out as much as possible, while still in contact with the steering lines
  • If your bar is too far in, the kite will be to deep in the window 🙅🏽‍♂️ If your bar is too far out, you won’t gain much height 🙅🏾

  • Focus on good timing and a good center of gravity 👈
  • Sending the board upwind keeps tension on the kite
  • As the kite hits 12, bring your butt down to the water

  • Your body weight should be distributed mainly over your back-foot
  • Just as you clear all contact with the water,
    • Face the board just behind you
    • Sheet your bar in fully to obtain maximum lift
  • When in the air, aim to get your weight backwards, and your board in front of you as soon as possible 🙏🏾

  • Keep edging on a consistent tack as you approach takeoff with an eye on your takeoff spot
  • As you approach takeoff, you should be sheeted out on the bar, keeping the kite above you as you send it and allowing for room to sheet in to boost upward
  • Experiment with different tacks and depower for faster board speed
  • Lean against the harness and dig in your back heel to hold down lots of power. Lowering your butt may cause the harness to ride up.
  • As you send the kite, you’ll get a brief moment to edge upwind as the kite “breathes”. This should allow you to pop without losing your edge.
  • A center fin might help you edge…. 😉

Kite position while airborne

  • Try to avoid unnecessary movements
  • The kite needs to stay above you as long as possible
  • Common mistakes: Continue pulling on the back-hand and the kite will offer less hang-time; Moving the kite too severely, you will lose that nice floaty feeling
  • Good kite position increases your hang time & reduces your landing g-force

Q&A Week of 3/5

Bar position while airborne

  • Straight after take-off: sheet the bar in. This will maximize your lift and give you a direct feeling with the kite
  • In the air, try to not apply any harsh inputs on the bar
  • These techniques will give you a solid floaty boost, which you will see on your height stats 😎

Q&A Week of 3/5

Body positioning while airborne

  • Bring your knees up after take-off to keep balanced. This also encourages you to use your core more 🤙
  • Try to look into the direction of travel to avoid rotating into a front-roll
  • The earlier you are able to adjust your position, the more effective your boosting will become

Q&A Week of 3/12

Redirecting the kite

  • By redirecting the kite, you receive that horizontal float for a smooth landing
  • Common mistakes: Redirecting too soon accelerates you down wind with a heavy landing; Redirecting too late gives you a big bomb 💣
  • With a well-timed redirection, the g-force on your landings will decrease 👊🏽

Q&A Week of 3/19


  • Allow your body to drop out of that tucked position, directing the board down-wind
  • Common mistakes: Too much weight applied to back-foot will result in a crash; Try to land on an edge nearly always results in sliding out
  • With enough practice, you should be able to record some landings below 2g in your WOO stats with a clean ride away! 👌

Q&A Week of 3/26

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