Designed for the most demanding big air sessions. Simply press record and start riding, the WOO tracks every take-off, jump, and landing.


4x Resolution
8x Sample Rate


IP69K Waterproof
IK10 Shockproof


Wireless Charging
Bluetooth 5.2


24 Hour Battery
Battery Longevity Mode


CPU Power




Depth Rating



WOO 4.0
Jump Metrics

Every jump has a story. WOO 4.0 captures every jump, including Height, Airtime, and Landing. Add a smartwatch to record GPS, including speed and distance. Bring it all together with PRO, which unlocks the full suite of Analytics+. Get it dialed in and you’ll be recording every kite session with WOO.

Edge Angle¹

The angle you tip your board up on edge to build tension approaching takeoff


The angle you carve upwind against the kite on takeoff.

Pop Velocity¹

The quickness of the carve upwind against the kite on takeoff.

Jump Graph

A plot of your height progression from takeoff to landing.

¹ Unlock with WOO PRO

Approach Track¹

A plot of your position as you approach takeoff for each jump.

Takeoff Speed¹

The speed you were riding as you took off for the jump.

Jump Distance¹

The horizontal distance you traveled in the air from takeoff to landing.

Landing Track¹

A plot of your position as you ride off after landing.


The Most Complete Spot Database in Kiteboarding

The biggest kite spot database in the world is unlocked with PRO. Every spot includes advanced historical data, like jump height by wind direction, kite size by month, and the preferred board types and kite brands at that spot.

Global Database

Find kite spots for your next weekend getaway or international adventure using real kite sessions to identify the perfect spot for you.

Historical Analytics

Every spot has a history broken down by month to help you identify which kites to pack and when to visit.

Quiver Insights

Every Kite, Every Session, All in One Place.

As you accumulate sessions over your kiteboarding career, your Quiver Insights becomes a unique breakdown of which kites you’ve performed the best on, and how often you use each. Expanded further with PRO, you’ll see accumulated stats and personal records for each kite or wing in your quiver, plus additional filters to analyze your data by different metrics.

Filter by Kite

Personal records and lifetime totals for every kite in your quiver, including current and retired kites.

Filter by Size

Compare your performance on each size kite you've ridden, perfect for justifying another new 9m... 😉