Jump Analytics – the first package for WOO PRO – amps up the power of the WOO 3.0 sensor to look at the motion of your board over 100 times per second and give you unbiased and objective insights on your technique along all phases of a jump sequence – Approach, Pop, Liftoff, Airborne and Landing. 

Edge Angle

The angle you tip your board up on edge to build tension approaching takeoff


The angle you carve upwind against the kite on takeoff.

Pop Velocity

The quickness of the carve upwind against the kite on takeoff.

Jump Graph

A plot of your height progression from takeoff to landing.

Approach Track

A plot of your position as you approach takeoff for each jump.

Takeoff Speed

The speed you were riding as you took off for the jump.

Jump Distance

The horizontal distance you traveled in the air from takeoff to landing.

Landing Track

A plot of your position as you ride off after landing.

Big Air Analytics+

Join WOO PRO and you'll gain four new metrics for every jump automatically. Add GPS data with your phone to see an even bigger data set:


The core of WOO is creating new ways to play while you ride, and Games in WOO PRO adds new ways to challenge yourself and others. Carrying over from Premium, Freeride is the first new mode in Games, challenging you cover distance and explore.


Record a GPS Freeride Session with your phone, perfect for days when you just want to cruise!

GPS Tracking

Plot of every tack and turn from throughout the session.

Max Speed

Your top speed achieved during the session.

Max Speed over 500m

Top average speed sustaind over a 500m segment.

Total Distance

Cumulative distance traveled from throught the session.

Longest Tack

Distance of the longest continuous tack.

Number of Tacks

Total number of unique tacks from the session.

Max Upwind Angle

Estimate of the most upwind tack achieved during the session.

Total Duration

Total time spent on the water.


Get involved with an inner circle of riders from around the world influencing ideation and development at WOO. PRO Members have access to the Crew Room, an idea’s board that is driving the roadmap of WOO. Submit your own ideas, vote up ideas you want to see built, and contribute your unique perspective to improve the platform.


Share Your Location with WOO Safety📍 Adds the ability to share your location in real time while on the water, and the ability to see other PRO riders position nearby. With Safety enabled, your name, GPS location, and speed will be broadcast to others within a 10km radius on WOO. You also now have a personalized URL that updates automatically to share your position with friends and family outside the WOO App.

Up Next


Live unpacks what's possible when the WOO is connected online and can share real-time data while you ride.

Releasing in November

WOO PRO is available now. Head over to the WOO Sports App and click the ‘PRO’ icon to begin.