How does the WOO measure jump height?

There’s nothing more fun than launching a huge jump and having proof you’re going higher than ever, but it does beg the question: how does the WOO know exactly how high you jumped? Here’s a quick introduction to the WOO’s jump tracking system.

How does the WOO measure jump height?

The WOO detects jumps by tracking and analyzing your motion.  To do this, it fuses data from the 9-axis motion sensor to understand orientation in space and the accelerations acting on it. It is able to categorize your riding into distinct phases of motion: inactivity, riding, jumping, landing or crashing and so forth. When a jump is detected, it is analyzed:

1. As the rider leaves the water’s surface, a jump is detected.


2. During the jump, the WOO tracks board orientation to know which direction is straight down and which accelerations contribute to jump height.


3. Using vertical accelerations throughout the jump, the height is calculated by integrating—first for vertical velocity, second for height.


No matter what combination of spins and flips are thrown during the jump, the WOO is able to tell precisely at what point the board reaches its maximum height. Want a little bonus on your jump height? Find a kicker that launches you vertical and keep your WOO as high as possible at the peak of the jump.

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