Introducing WOO Kite 1.7

WOO Kite 1.7 is now available! Join kiters in 52 countries on WOO as they battle for top leaderboard position, explore new kite spots, and break down their sessions like never before with jump height, airtime, landing g-force, cumulative metrics, and more! Available today for free on the iOS App Store.

Download WOO Kite 1.7:

App Screens 1.7

Discover new kite spots in your area and around the world with a new interactive kite spot map. Perfect for road tripping and kiteboarding adventures!

Spot Leaderboards
Challenge friends and locals for the top height and airtime at each individual spot on the Explore Map. See who’s been logging sessions with the Spot Activity Feed and prove your status on the Spot Leaderboards!

Landing G-force
The impact of every jump is now included in your session stats! Check out how smooth you’ve been landing and how gnarly your crashes are with the new landing G-force measurement!

Cumulative Metrics
Every jump from your session now counts toward new metrics. Session Details now include Total Height, Total Airtime, and Session Duration. Your Profile now includes all-time stats including Number of Jumps, Total Height, Total Airtime, and Total Time on the water!

Additional Updates
High-Res Session Photos, a new Profile design that now includes your Home Spot, plus Stability and Bug Fixes!