Introducing WOO Kite for Android

Android users let us know loud and clear: We Want a WOO Too! So today, we’re happy to announce that WOO Kite is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Sporting a fresh new UI and compatible with any modern Android device, the new WOO Kite App brings together the other half of the kite community onto one big platform. No more borrowing friends iPads to log your sessions!


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For those new to WOO, here’s what’s included with the WOO Kite App for Android:

My WOO, Profile, and Sessions
At it’s core, the WOO Kite App is your view into the WOO’s data. Every time you kite and record a session, sync the WOO with your phone to see your stats and save your session. Your Profile becomes the home of your kiting logs, including your best all-time stats such as height, airtime, landing G-force and your cumulative stats on the platform. We’ve included a “Home Spot” to let the WOO community know where your roots are, even if you’re always exploring new spots so remember to note that in the app!

Activity Feed
The most recent WOO Sessions from riders show up on the WOO Activity feed, and they are always rolling in. Sorted by session time, you’ll see which spots are going off and who’s had a big day on the water. If you’re more interested in just your friends riding, filter the Activity Feed with the Following tab so that you just see your buddy’s sessions.

Leaderboards are where heroes are made and riders stack up for top position. We rank everyone based on their all-time Best Jump Height and Best Jump Airtime, sortable by continent. You can also filter to just your following to see where you stack up.

WOO Kite for Android is compatible with v4.4 KitKat and later. To communicate with a WOO sensor, your device needs Bluetooth LE, common on recent models (Samsung S4 and later, Nexus 5 and later, etc.).