New Wake Jump Tables (iOS)

The Wake game on WOO is heating up this summer and we’ll be spicing things up each month with new features and challenges! Up first, we’ve redesigned the Jump Table to better showcase how every jump from your session is scored. The new jump table breaks down your score into the four core components:

Rotation // Scores the spins or flips in your trick
Airtime // Scores your amplitude
Stance // Gives a bonus for more difficult takeoff positions (Toeside, Switch)
Landing // Rewards landing square and riding away straight

You’ll see a name for every jump that matches a trick in the WOO Tricktionary. If it’s not in there yet, it’ll be labeled “Trick”, with the appropriate score based on rotation and stance. You’ll also see stats for jump height and landing g-force (these aren’t factored into your score, but are always fun to check after a session!)

The new Table also includes a filter, which allows you to view tricks from a specific trick range:


To help filter out your best jumps from a long session, check out the new Filter icon in the top right corner of the Jump Table!
Under the hood, the new release also comes with big improvements to the Trick Detection system. Thanks to hundreds of trials from the Wake community’s pros, ambassadors and active users, we’ve been able to improve the accuracy of trick detection in the Wake game. Keep an eye out for new tricks being added to the system this year!

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