WOO Snow is at the Sosh Big Air!

WOO is kicking off the winter season in Annecy, France at the Sosh Big Air October 6th and 7th!

The world’s top Freestyle Skiers & Snowboarders will be throwing their best big air tricks off the giant Sosh Big Air Jump and WOO will be on-hand to record airtime and landing g-force from every hit!

Follow the Sosh Big Air live stream at SoshBigAir.com and you’ll see select replays throughout the event that include airtime and landing g-force as captured by the WOO sensor. Plus, go behind the scenes all week in Annecy with the WOO Crew on the WOO Snowboard and WOO Freeski social channels.

Airtime captured by the WOO

To capture the data this weekend, WOO has developed a new game for Freestyle Skiers and Snowboarders that can detect and score jumps in snow sports. A WOO sensor is mounted to each athlete’s ski or board to log every jump from the event, including stats for airtime and landing impact during the event.

The WOO sensor mounted on a ski

At it’s core, WOO is a game platform for action sports, played from anywhere in the world, all scored and connected using technology. WOO Sports Inc. develops games for kiteboarders, wakeboarders, snowboarders and freeskiers, all played using the same WOO sensor and app.

Originally created for Kiteboarding, WOO uses machine learning and AI to build an ever-evolving trick database for each freestyle sport. The data collected from the Sosh Big Air event will be used to expand this Tricktionary for Freestyle Snowboarding and Skiing, adding new tricks that can identified and score when riding with the WOO sensor.

Getting familiar with new terrain!

WOO games bring a completely new experience to action sports, giving you objectives to complete, leaderboards to climb, and a community to play with. The WOO can score every jump from your session, creating a new generation of challenges, contests, and achievements for athletes. Download your session from anywhere in the world to the WOO App and you’ll see how your riding stacks up with your previous scores, your buddies scores, or riders in your area. Explore the WOO App to cheer on who got out today and find a new spot to ride tomorrow!

Learn more about all the WOO games and communities at www.woosports.com. Or better yet, grab a WOO and come join with us!