Cheers, Mom!

It’s Mothers Day – that ONE day of the of year we get to make our Moms feel a little embarrassed with a big shout out (vs. every other day of the year, where they own that!)

Our Moms have been supporting us since Day 1 from all over the globe: Cape Town, Austria, Zimbabwe, France, Lebanon, Michigan, Connecticut, and Vermont!

As the only girl in the office, my bond with my Mom is on another level than many of the “bro’s” in the office. It’s a typical daughter-mother relationship – I do my fare share of FaceTime calls, flower deliveries and “my mom said..” sentence starting from time to time.  But I think the bond between a Mom and son is something very special, and pretty funny too. The guys are all pretty bashful talking about their moms, or even getting a picture outa them with their Mom’s was a tough one.. but deep down they all really love their moms..and enjoy those telephone calls checking up on them. (esp Arlin’s mom reminding Arlin to eat healthy food haha)

We want to thank you Moms for your encouragement, support and love you have given us throughout the years. The kite launchers, the amateur kite photographers, the moral supporters on the beach.. in the wind and others just providing genuine interest in a huge passion of ours..WOO!

So here’s to you, Mom.  Happy Mothers Day 2015. Sending you love & high fives!

–  Sally (token girl)