We’re stoked to announce that WOO’s – the world’s first Kiteboarding Performance Tracker – are now shipping to kite shops around the world! Huge thanks to everyone who’s helped us grow the WOO community this year and get more riders in the game everyday. We have had early adopters from all over the world log sessions in 68 different countries!

2015 started with a bang in Cape Town at the Red Bull King of the Air. Riders immediately got the idea: if we’re going to have a Big Air contest, we need to know how big we’re going! Now event organizers are using WOO’s to add some real numbers to their Big Air contests.

But kiting is bigger than contests, and we’re seeing how different riders are putting their own spin on WOO. Sometimes it’s a group lesson learning how to boost higher, other times it’s a heated session amongst friends to see who takes the highest jump.

Props to our team riders for helping us develop the product and spread the WOO love in their communities. Ruben Lenten, Nick Jacobsen, Sam Medysky, Lewis Crathern, Graham Howes – you guys have been fundamental to helping us produce a world class product for kiters all over the world!

Now is your turn to Get in the Game, connect with kiters all over the world, explore new spots, challenge your buddies and finally know how hard you ride. To join the game, pick up a WOO at or your local kite shop for $199! #GetInTheGame @woosports