Interview with Sam Medysky

What made you decide to start kiting?
I grew up snowboarding on the hill during the Canadian winter. In the summers, I spent my time sailing and boarding on Lake Huron. I’ve always been surrounded by wind, water, and board sports. In 1998, my Dad bought a kite and we learned together that summer. Best decision ever!

What is the first memory you have of jumping?
It was on a foil kite back in 2002. I was 12-years-old riding in front of my cottage on Lake Huron. I have a photo of it somewhere, I didn’t look that cool – Dad made me wear a seat harness and Mom made me wear a life jacket.

When did you do your first kite loop?
It was the Spring of 2004. I was heading to my first contest “the US Open Velocity Games”. I’d been watching videos of all the guys on Maui doing kiteloops. I was riding at a spot near my home call Waubashe. I was over powered on a 10m Gaastra GXR. I sent a big jump and just cranked on the back hand. I kept doing them after that, again and again.

Describe your style kiteboarding.
I’ve been in the sport long enough to have watched the elevation of kiteboarding. I’ve done all aspects of kiteboarding; Snow, race, air style, freestyle and park riding. I love a strong wind days on my 7m looping. Otherwise, I enjoy the diversity of park riding. It’s fun to be able to hit a rail followed by doing an air trick.

Tell us a little about your parents influence on your kiteboarding career and the school they have set up in Canada.
My parents are both in education. My Dad was a fitness teach and my Mom taught English. At a young age, they always allowed me to participate in all the sports I wanted to. I had a lot of opportunities, which I’m very thankful for. My Dad Daniel started a kiteboarding school in Sauble beach in 2001. It was a summer gig for him and it helped us afford kiteboarding equipment and some family holidays to windy locations on Christmas or Spring Break. My parents have always supported me as far as following my dream, the only condition was I had to finish my Grade 12 education. That was a bit tough staying stuck in Canada in the cold winter until I was 18, but I think it kept me motivated.

If you were not kiteboarding professionally what would you be doing?
I came from a pretty small town that was pretty focused on hockey. I think if I hadn’t gotten into kiteboarding, I think I would have played hockey in University. Not sure what I would have studied. The travel over the past several years has opened my eye a lot and presented several opportunities. Not sure where I’d be without kiteboarding.

C-Kite or SLE?
Since day one – C-Kite!

Describe your ideal session?
Morning session good power on an 11m riding in the flats with a bunch of park features and good friend. Following that in the afternoon the wind cranks up to 40 plus., mega-loop session into the sunset.

What tunes do you listen to to pump you up before a session?
All sorts of music! At the moment I’m on a bit of a rock train. Wolf Mother, Red Hot Chili Peppers, CCR…

What is the hardest part about being a pro kiteboarder?
Injuries; Always pushing the limits; We are at the mercy of mother nature.

Where is your favorite spot?
Cape Hatteras & Taiba, Brazil

What is the scariest kitesurfing experience you have had?
I lost a portion of my middle finger on my right hand in Maui a few years back. I missed a handle pass and the leash wrapped around my finger and I lost about an inch. The runner up…. Mega-looping in Jericocora, Brazil. I was looping pretty big in knee deep water then my bar snapped mid loop. I feel from about 30 ft. I landed flat on my back to disperse my weight for the impact…. I was pretty luck to walk away from that one.

What is your best tip for boosting as high as possible?
Ask questions, read, watch films and then it’s all trial and error. Have a friend film you and then it will be easier to break down what your doing right and wrong.

Kickers or flat water?
Combo? Flats between the kickers?

What does WOO mean to you?
Its a tool to track your sessions and your progress. You can compete with yourself and/or others. It’s great to film your session but you can’t tell how high you jumped with a camera.

Why did you decide to join the WOO Team?
The group of people involved with the brand are true sports enthusiasts. They have come up with a great product that’s not only a fun to use session tracker, but help progress and push your riding. We are in a world where social media is an everyday activity. I want to share my sessions with my friends and family.

What is one item you can’t travel without?
Sunglasses and a camera.

If you had to describe the perfect mustache, how would it look?
Ron Jeremy

Commercially, how do you think kiteboarding will grow?
The sky is the limit. Our sport is so diverse. There are so many different aspects to the sport. The kite is our engine then you can choose your location, conditions and board ride.

What are some of your career highlights?
5X Canadian National Champion

Anything else you would like to share?
Thanks Mom, Dad and Mary for all the support!