Leo’s trip to Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa.  If I had one word to describe this place, it would be “raw.” The massive sculptures of the surrounding mountains; the wildlife; the people; the food; and last but not least, the relentless sets of waves battering the coastline paired with the gale force winds that howl over Table Mountain. In 2006, when I tried kiteboarding for the first time in Cape Town, everybody used to say “if you can kite in Cape Town, you can kite anywhere.”  I quickly learned why.  Because of this, it was an absolute no-brainer to test our device in the rough waters around Big Bay before we release it to the market. Not only do the conditions demand the maximum out of a rider, but also from the WOO and its brains (the algorithm).


To achieve that feat, I had the help of my buddy and WOO team rider Nick Jacobsen. Nick is someone who can push the limits of the device like only a very few select can. Even though it was still early in the season, we had a few days with typical Cape Doctor (the locals’ name for the south-easterly gale force winds) conditions. Testing went well, and we got the results we wanted.


While I was there Graham Howes from Dirty Habits opened his cable park just a few minutes inlands from Table View. Not only will this be THE hangout for all kiteboarders on non-windy days, but it will also be a perfect venue to improve your skills, or to simply have a braai in the beautiful setting of the lake. I have a feeling that this might just become the biggest playground for action sports fanatics, some sort of Nitro City 2.0.  Perhaps it will be a good place to test the WOO for new applications outside of kiteboarding.


It was a quick week, but now that I am back in cold Boston, it’s one that made me look forward to January and February even more, when the whole WOO Sports gang will spend a good chunk of time down there. Can’t friggin’ wait!