Sam & Noè Drop By Boston

WOO H.Q. was lucky enough to get a Facebook message from Sam Medysky Saturday night saying “coming to Boston Sunday!”. Little did we know what we were in for.

Sam rocked up in Boston casual in his new red beast of a truck with his partner in crime, Noè Font. The two were reunited again, last spotted earlier this year in Cape Town. I asked Sam what was on the agenda and he was pretty chilled as usual “whatever boss, go kite, check out the city, try some craft beers”. Soon word got out to the local kite community – Mass Kiting and other Boston kiters were psyched to ride with the x4 Canadian National Champ and the x2 Junior World Champ.

Sam hit up Galley, a classic Southie diner for a breakfast, got his fix of craft beersssss at the local hangout, Local 149, and joined in supporting the runners at the Boston Marathon. The duo joined some of the WOO crew on a surf mission down in Newport, RI, with some fun waves and really cold water (like “ice cream headaches when you duck dive” cold!)

On their last day in town, Noè and Sam lucked out with a pumping day here in Boston. We were all stoked – we could finally get our suits on and GO KITE!.. and test of course. We were the first at the beach and slowly people started arriving to watch Sam and Noè throwing it down, with 15 to 20 local kiters coming out to get their fix.

It was a southwest kinda day, where you expect the wind to pick up in the afternoon, the air temps to rise 5 degrees warmer than expected, and the bay to fill in at high tide. Sam and Noè were planning on doing a 11m wake style session but wind came up over 35 kts at times, so they rigged up their 9m GP’s. Took them a couple of runs to get used to the gusty conditions, but once they had it dialed, they were doing some big boosts and making use of the up-draft off the P-Bay break wall. There was a good showing from the local riders – Mike D, Sam & Tyler, Eric Fernandez, Dan Spatz, Jeremy Reger and loads more local kiters. Johnny, the WOO CTO, was riding his 7m TS and caught the biggest gust of the day. As he took off by the far corner of the break wall, he went up 10m and the gust hit him, taking him up up to 14.7m with 8.2sec of airtime (a new North America record on WOO!) It was awesome that Johnny had one the biggest moments of his kiting career and to see the stoke on his face after his session was priceless.

I must say what really stood out about Sam and Noè was how in control they are, even when they huck big loops. The local guys were all standing on the beach commenting on it, totally stoked and impressed.

Thanks to the local Mass Kiting boys for welcoming the guys, and a special thanks to the ever-so-awesome Sam Medysky and super cool Noè Font for stopping by Boston and visiting WOO H.Q. Look forward to hanging out again soon!