Welcome to WOO, Lew!

We are stoked to announce that WOO has brought on one of the UK’s most extreme, energetic, professional, and prolific kiteboarding icons, four-time British Kiteboarding Champion Lewis Crathern!


Lew’s an incredible rider, but also a down to earth, passionate dude who’s always fun to be around. It was a no brainer to bring Lew onto the WOO Rider team, specifically because hes shown such a genuine interest in the data WOO provides, not only for his personal big boosts (currently in 7th Place with a 17m jump), but also because of his knowledge and experience in the training educational kiting scene.

Lew’s going to play a unique role in the WOO community. With his extensive knowledge of the sport, we agreed what we really need is some killer insight into boosting bigger and having more fun progressing as riders. So withouth further ado…. we introduce Coach Crathern! Coach Crathern will be using WOO data to review, analyze and log sessions like never before. He will open us to the world of how the WOO will aid every instructor and rising kiter with hopes of boosting bigger and refine their game, driving us all to the next level!

We have no doubt Coach Crathern will fill us in with awesome tips and tricks, plus new ideas for how to incorporate WOO data into your learning process. Keep an eye out for a WOO/Coach Crathern video series, as well as specific case studies on the blog. We are so pumped and really grateful for Lew joining us on this journey!

Welcome to the WOO family dude!

Check out our interview with Lewis here.