Ep 3: Backroll to Toeside // 10 Essentials After Boosting with Coach Crathern

The difference between this move and a regular Back Roll lies mainly in the take off. Much more commitment and edging power is required to make the extra rotation.

The head and body go together and faster then with the standard Back Roll. This opens up the space to land Toeside. I find it helps to straighten the back leg which helps to keep the rotation flowing.

Another tip for you here is to make sure your hands are together in the centre of the bar. Extra kite movements during this move can really mess things up. As you come round to spot your landing try to guide your back hip into the bar.

As for kite position, Keep it high but forward of the window. Think of the Back Roll to Toeside as one movement rather then performing a back roll and then deciding to land toeside.

When you’ve really got this move in the bag I test you to bring the kite down further which will raise your G-Force landings. Start a new session on your WOO making sure it’s in big air mode. A good Back Roll to Toeside with the kite at 45 should bring in higher than your normal G’s on your WOO’s Landing stats. Remember to bend your knees when you land to absorb the impact!

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