Ep 1: The Perfect Backroll // 10 Essentials After Boosting with Coach Crathern

Welcome to the first episode in the series! Without a doubt the first move you will want to learn is the backroll. Follow Coach Lewis Crathern​ as he walks you through all the key points of the backroll, to make you confident and consistent!

WOO Challenge for Episode 1:
Using Big Air Mode on your WOO, nail 3 backrolls in a row over 2.5m and you’re on your way to backroll proficiency!

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Tips for Learning Backrolls

Without doubt the first move you will want to learn is the backroll. It doesn’t have to be a scary trick as you don’t have to approach full speed. It’s all about commitment. The backroll is the easiest roll to learn because the rotation is connected with the Edging. If you have tried a few already and find you are getting stuck half way round the then this episode will really help you.

Learning the rotation without the board can be really beneficial so ditch the board and find somewhere safe in the shallows to practice rotating under your kite. Embracing the feeling of flying with the lines crossed will help you understand how a kite can still fly fine with the bar in this position.

This video features plenty of other common problems which you might encounter with the backroll so sit back watch carefully and prepare yourself to master the backroll. Remember Coach Crathern’s top tip: Board first – Head Second!