Ep 10: Double Rolls // 10 Essentials After Boosting with Coach Crathern

Successful Double rotations are heavily linked to your take off. If you rotate powerfully on the way up you will give yourself the time to fit in multiple spins. As mentioned, your spacial awareness will be tested to the max.

Whilst airborne keep the kite stable at 12 until redirecting for landing. In order to gain the height required to fit in 2 rolls send the kite hard through 12.

To avoid pulling too hard on the front hand during flight, move it closer to the center of the bar.

Pre-planning a reference point really helps you to spot your landing. Even with a good rotation speed, if you miss that moment to redirect the kite, you won’t gain the float required to land clean.

If you are struggling to complete the rotation, it may well be down to a lack of commitment on take off and possibly not enough height. Even so, if your going to crash, remain calm. If you lose your bearings, the last thing you should do is pull hard on one hand which will result in a huge crash.

Also remember that tucking the knees also helps speed up the rotation.

Coach Crathern Episode 10 Challenge
Start a new session on your WOO making sure it’s in Big Air mode. The final challenge is to land a double roll over 5 meters. Good Luck!

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