Ep 4: One Footers // 10 Essentials After Boosting with Coach Crathern

The one footer is really going to test your multitasking abilities. Whilst you are attempting to reach down and take your foot out you must also be thinking about what the kite is doing.

Start by practising to grab the board. Reach down once you become airborne and go for it with the back hand. Some like to grab the fin and rail and others like to reach closer to the footpad. Also the size of you board will contribute to where you find easiest to reach to.

If you are finding airborne kite control difficult with one hand then keep your front hand closer to the centre of the bar when you take off. It makes it much easier to maintain a stable kite position whilst airborne.

You can even practise this one in the bedroom!Use hand to push the board away from whilst you remove your foot. This not only works for the bedroom board off but the real one too.

One of the most common problems with the one footer is not being to reach the board. Rather then staying straight bend the back knee and guide the board up into your hand. Go for the grab nice and early, you want to be taking the foot out on the way up! It’s a real crowd pleaser!

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