Ep 5: Front Rolls // 10 Essentials After Boosting with Coach Crathern

It’s time to deal with the Front Roll which to some can be quite intimidating.

Just like with the back roll learning how this rotation will feel without the board can be extremely helpful. I suggest practising it somewhere safe in the shallows.

All we need to do with the kite is to bring it slowly to 12.

Place the hands in the middle of the bar to keep things steady and on take off look over your rear shoulder to initiate the rotation.

Some common problems might be trying to take off with a flat board.

A good edge and pop is still an important factor that helps the move flow.

Now onto the most typical issue people have whilst learning the front roll. Taking to much tension through the arms. By positioning your hands close or in line with your eyes you will rotate freely but by locking the arms into the chest you’ll slow down.

By adopting the locked up bar into the chest position we cannot rotate efficiently to complete the roll.

That’s the key points covered and you should now be able to give that front roll a go. It’s not as scary as you think! If you really want to make this move stand out try releasing the back hand and grabbing the board.

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