Ep 6: Backroll Transitions // 10 Essentials After Boosting with Coach Crathern

The Backroll Transition has some similarities with the Backroll we covered in Ep. 1. A good understanding of a regular Transition is essential so you might want to brush up your knowledge with another look at Ep. 2.

You can start small but the end goal is to complete a floaty controlled backroll with good exit speed on the new tack.

Whilst riding along nicely your focus should be on carving hard into the wind. Before you start your edge, bring your kite up higher in the window. It will make it easier to direct your board further into the wind. To make that even easier sheet out to release the tension on your body and only sheet in when you require lift.

Redirecting the kite helps to complete the last rotation of the backroll before I land flat and downwind on the board for exit speed.

Committing too much on the take off can result in an over-rotation which usually becomes apparent when redirecting the kite.

Lets lay out two examples:

Resist the temptation to throw an early backroll. What you don’t want to do is throw your head, body and bar around on take off.

Instead, stand tall, hold on to the edge, and face the wind whilst sheeting the bar in nicely to initiate lift off. I find by keeping the back leg straight and lifting the front leg up it’s easier to hold the rotation.

Only as you start your descent should you pull on the new front hand to redirect the kite and complete the rotation. Land downwind and flat on the board to ride out with power.

My top tip for the backroll transition is to visualise performing only half a backroll. It gives you greater control of the rotation. The redirection of the kite will pull you nicely into that last 180.

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