Ep 7: Backroll Kite Loop // 10 Essentials After Boosting with Coach Crathern

With the Backroll Transition still fresh in our minds, it makes sense to wham that bar and turn it into a Backroll Kite Loop. To learn effectively take a kite no bigger then a 10m and practice in lighter winds.

The first thing we need to do differently is to spread our hands on the bar so we can generate some good leverage. It goes without saying to always keep an eye out for other people. Never throw a move if there is someone straight downwind.

Following the steps for the Backroll Transition, we are aiming to take off thinking about half a backroll. Just before we are halfway round it’s time to pull on the back hand hard. Stay committed and the last 180 should happen naturally as the kite completes the loop. Level off the bar and land downwind.

I feel it is better technique to delay pulling the back hand until you are at least airborne, slowly increasing the leverage during your ascent.

Try not to land on an edge as it all goes wrong quickly. With so much power created a flat downwind landing is essential.

Now on to a classic Backroll Kite Loop crash. Committing too hard to the backroll on take off will likely cause an over rotation, which is increased further by the strong pull of the kite. This one is a real kainer!

The complete picture involves a controlled take off followed by a committed pull on the backhand whilst sheeted in. When the kite is aiming back up to 12 land downwind flat on the board and you’ve got it.

Start a new session on your WOO, making sure it’s in big air mode, and if you are able to throw a Backroll Kite Loop over 3m. consider it learnt. Also notice your Landing G-Forces will likely be higher!

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