Ep 8: Front Roll Transition // 10 Essentials After Boosting with Coach Crathern

It’s essential that you have your Front Rolls sorted for this move so recap Ep. 5 if necessary. The real trick with the Front Roll Transition is to ‘keep the window with you’ and stay sheeted in throughout.

Whilst riding comfortably raise the position of the kite and sheet out in preparation for a good upwind carve.

Steer to 12 and sheet in on take-off whilst committing to the front roll. Slightly pull on the front hand slightly as you rotate.

Once you’re halfway round the rotation you can start to spot the landing zone and prepare to redirect the kite.

Land downwind heavily and sheet out the bar to lose some power if necessary.

As you take off, pull on the front hand first to position the kite nicely above you. Both you and the kite should be in the the centre of the window when you come to redirect.

This will gives you good drive out of the transition, but you must take that energy downwind.

The classic mistake is to redirect the kite way to early. By pulling on the back hand only, the kite will end up further away from you and out to the side of the window.

It doesn’t have to be a really hard pull with the front hand to keep the wind window with you, just focus on it as you enter the front roll. Try to visualise the hand movements before going for it.

Start a new session on your WOO making sure it’s in Big Air mode. I would like to see hang times of at least 2.5 seconds with this one to show ultimate floaty control.

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