Ep 9: Front Roll Kite Loop // 10 Essentials After Boosting with Coach Crathern

With the Front Roll Transition fresh in our minds, its a great time to learn the Front Roll Kite Loop.

This time we are going to avoid the dab on the front hand and rather commit earlier to the kite loop by pulling on back hand. Compared to the transition we don’t need to kill our speed entirely but it does still help to have a nice upwind edge.

On take off, do not commit early to the back hand. What we are looking for is good lift + a good initiation of the front roll.

With some of the front roll complete, it’s time to pull hard on the back hand, leveling off the bar as the kite completes the loop and landing downwind.

Initiating the front roll should take place before the kite loop. This delay allows you to prepare for the pull whilst providing you some sort of baring on the landing to come.

The most likely moment where you might think ‘where the hell am I’ will be backwards on to the kite and with the kite facing down.

Don’t panic, continue pulling that back hand and trust it’s going to work out. By turning the head early in the front roll, you’ll be able to see further ahead to help you get through it.

Landing downwind is essential after the Front Roll Kite Loop!

Ease yourself into it by pulling on the back hand late and the more confident you get, pull earlier.

Be wary of over-rotating into the front roll, it’s all about controlled rotation.

Coach Crathern Episode 9 Challenge
Start a new session on your WOO making sure it’s in Big Air mode. Achieve 2.5 meters on a Front Roll Kite Loop and you’ve learned a very technical trick. Stick one at 4 meters and you have mastered it!

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