Introducing the Coach Crathern Video Series

Introducing Coach Crathern’s 10 Essentials to Jumping HIGHER

WOO is all about boosting high and having more fun kiting, so today we’re stoked to announce a new video series to advance your riding and help you boost even bigger! Together with Coach Lewis Crathern, we’ve created a 10-part series that covers all the essential details Coach Crathern brings to his lessons on the beach.

Lewis Crathern joined the WOO Sports team in early May with a boat load of passion, excitement and determination to help take kiteboarding to the next level. Not only has Lew made news headlines and racked up YouTube views with his Brighton Pier Jump, but he’s also taught hundreds of kiters all over the world how to achieve their goals and jump higher. “I love to work with a variety of abilities from beginner to advanced. My deep passion however lies within the most unique part of kitesurfing – Boosting!

Every kiter wants that feeling of catching some air, looking down and seeing the ocean below and getting that adrenaline rush of jumping high.  In Lew’s words, “Getting an increase of wind on the way up can sometimes give you the feeling that you are being sucked up into the clouds! That’s what I dream of.”

WOO and Coach Crathern are launching “10 Essentials to Jumping Higher” in the coming weeks. The series takes you through: board control, sending the kite, bar position approaching take off, body position approaching takeoff, take off, kite position airborne, bar position airborne, body position airborne, redirection of kite and landing. Lew has worked closely with the WOO Team to craft detailed and insightful segments which we feel will help you jump higher and see those WOO stats climb up the leaderboards!

With the introduction of WOO this year to the kiting community, finally you can quantify your jumps, review and analyze your performance, as well as log sessions and stash that memory in the WOO Kite App. This is the secret sauce to Lew’s latest training and clinics format. Students can now track their progression and have a credible resource to consult after their lessons, while staying connected friends by following their latest activity and data from their sessions.

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