The WOO.

Say Hi to your new blue friend

The WOO Sensor (the ‘WOO‘ for short) is the key to recording and playing during your sessions. Compare our blue little nugget to a Gaming Console, our different modes are the games, you are the controller! Get in the Game!

It's Easy!

Long battery life (8 hours / 1200+ jumps)

Wirelessly synchronize WOO to your phone or tablet on the go

Records relative position to determine jump height, airtime, landing force, trick performed, and landing quality.

Designed to take a beating and keep recording

Completely sealed to protect against damage

The device contacts hold up to repeated contact with water

Mounting the WOO

The long side of the WOO should follow the long side of your board, so that it’s PARALLEL to the board (not perpendicular).

Independent if you’re a Regular or Goofy rider, the button on the WOO should ALWAYS face your RIGHT foot! We use the orientation of the WOO for correct Stance and Trick Detection. Set your stance in the WOO Sports App and the WOO knows if you did a trick in your normal stance (Regular / Goofy), or if you did it switch (SW).

Where to put the WOO on your gear? The best place for the WOO is centered on your Kiteboard or Wakeboard. Check out the images below to find exactly what the best spot to mount your WOO is.

*Note: wrong placement of the WOO may result in incorrect Stance and Trick Detection results.

Big Air & Freestyle

Cable & Boat

Modes on the WOO

The LED blinking pattern on the WOO indicates what mode your WOO is on.
Find the patterns for each mode below:

WOO Kite
Big Air

WOO Kite

WOO Wake
Cable & Boat

WOO Snow
Snowboard & Ski
LED Blinking Pattern (Standby)



LED Blinking Pattern (Recording)




*Pro Tip: you can switch between Kite – Big Air and Kite – Freestyle
by holding the WOO Button for 3 seconds while the WOO is in Standby

Compatability Table

WOO 1.0

WOO 2.0

WOO 3.0
WOO Kite - Big Air
WOO Kite - Freestyle
WOO Wake - Cable & Boat
Smartwatch Integration
More Coming Soon...
*Click HERE for the full spec list.