Leaderboards for every spot, country, or continent always give you something to boost for.

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Follow friends and cheer them on when they score a big day.

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Find your next spot to ride in the world in one of kiteboarding's best spot databases.

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See where riders from around the world are scoring wind.

Smartwatch Integrated

Connect your Apple or WearOS Watch to see stats in real time.

Badges & Milestones

Collect Badges & Milestones as you progress your riding.

The WOO App

The App is a free companion that unlocks the power of your WOO. See sessions come in from around the world, check Leaderboards, download sessions, follow friends, get a jump-by-jump breakdown of your session, collect achievements, and learn more about the riders and spots around you! This feature set is available for free for everyone with a WOO, and also for those wanting to explore the community.

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Games For Every Session

WOO is the simplest way to record your session and play while you kite, no matter the conditions. The WOO captures your highest boost in Big Air mode, scores your best tricks in Freestyle mode, or records your entire session in Freeride mode.

Ready to play?

Whatever your level, WOO adds a new dimension to every session.

To post your first Big Air or Freestyle session, grab a WOO sensor. You can order one directly from our U.S. or E.U. Online Shops, or you can find a local shop in your area that stocks WOO.

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