Explore is a fun way to discover new cableparks and boat spots all over the world, and perhaps even spots nearby you never heard about. For your next afternoon without wind or on an upcoming holiday in a new area, zoom around on the interactive map to see popular spots, recent sessions, and the all-time best jumps by visitors.

For Example:

King Of The Spot

Nick Schäfers (657pts), scored at Wasserski Langenfeld in Germany

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Our Local Spot

When there is absolutely no wind, the WOO Team could be spotted at this awesome spot!

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Most Active Spot

With over 250+ sessions posted, the American spot of Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) is one of the most active spots!

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Plastic Playground

Liquid Leisure, United Kingdom! Over 125 riders have posted a session here

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WOO Wake

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